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Renewable energy is a dynamic and innovative sector offering a huge breadth of roles and career pathways. A single renewable energy project requires the involvement of people with a range of expertise and skillsets, from engineers and technology innovators to ecologists, planners, asset managers, data analysts, communications professionals and subsea divers. You could be based on land or at sea, in an office or in a laboratory. 

From wind turbines to solar panels and tidal barrages to biofuels, clean and renewable energy sources are the future of energy supply with increasing amounts of renewable electricity being deployed sustainably across the UK, Europe and worldwide. 

Working in renewables is an opportunity to be part of an exciting, growing industry as well as playing a role in the development of a sector which provides climate friendly and sustainable energy to power our homes and businesses.

Our aim is to be the definitive source of job opportunities within the renewable energy sector.

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